Sir Leye Old School Runescape

Use each of your remaining potions, with the exclusion of any vials of liquid which you have, about the door handle. Once all of the chemicals are on the spade, use a vial of liquid on the handle, and it’ll expand, allowing you to open the door. Use the Gypsum on the cake tin, then use vial of liquid onto the tin. Utilize the cake tin, on the key chained to the wall near the entry; you are going to create an impression.
OSRS Quest Recruitment Drive
Once completed, click on the doorway and then move the knobs to the proper letter. Sir Kuam Ferentse tells you that no man may defeat Sir Leye. Sir Leye is level 10 and all that you have to do is conquer him. For lower levels, defeating Sir Leye can take a while. During the fight, it might be a fantastic idea to add another load of laundry or something of this sort. This is the area where you must be a female to finish the challenge.
This is an important item and will be required throughout the quest to keep in touch with Savant by using the option”Contact”. Create your way to Sir Amik by climbing two parts of the staircase on the west side of the castle. Learn more about How To Level Up Fletching In OSRS here. To be a deputy, you must first go through a catastrophe, but as there is none right now, go back and speak to tiffy. He’ll tell you about the current crisis that has occurred, so return into sir amik again to known as Solus Dellagar, who is branded the”Infamous murder mage”. He’ll also tell you that they cannot capture him as he’s overpowered and the final solution would be to kill him.
Of every statue kind, there is one with a hammer, one having a halberd, one with a book (or drawn sword?) And one having a sword pushed into the ground. After looking, the room will blacken and you must find the one which was placed into the area. Go click on the one that wasn’t there before.
Climb down, head north, then east, then south beyond the scorpions, magic axes and insanity dwarves. Don’t cross the bridge, then go past the hill giants, into the black knights’ area. Beware because the knights are aggro if your combat level is under level 67. Now that you’re an agent, go back to tiffy and he’ll provide you an orb for communicating. He’ll give it to you for 10,000 gold coins or you could just decide to bring the equipment to him to make you one.
However, the recruitment procedure involves several puzzles to check your wits. What you need to do here is look amongst the randomly positioned statues for ten seconds, and see which one was inserted after your ten seconds is up. There are 3 distinct colours of figurines; silver, bronze, gold. Now That you have a bronze key, use the metal spade from the table on the bunsen burner and it’ll burn off the handle.

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