Poll 71 and Death Feedback Changes

This week we’ve continued to update the game based on the results of our last content poll. Let’s take a look at what’s changed!

The focus this week has been on The Gauntlet, the crystal-crafting Hunllef-hunting minigame found in the depths of Prifddinas.

Crystal Pickup Messages

The messages that play when receiving crystals in The Gauntlet are now filterable. This does not effect the messaging for getting crystal shards from monster drops.

Crystal Staff Max Hit

All tiers of the Crystal Staff have had their max hit stats increased significantly.

Vials and Cooking

Filling vials and cooking food will now happen in one tick while in The Gauntlet. Additionally, if you have learned the barbarian smashing technique from Alfred Grimhand’s Bar Crawl and it is enabled in the Settings menu, you can automatically smash vials in The Gauntlet as soon as they’re empty.

Gauntlet Map Changes

The inner square of rooms are now less randomised, and will always contain the same basic resources required to move on to the rest of The Gauntlet. Note that this doesn’t apply to the Corrupted Gauntlet.

In addition, demi-bosses are now easier to find in both versions of The Gauntlet. They will now spawn in 6 of the 12 highlighted areas on the map above.

This news first appeared at Runescape.com, read more: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/poll-71-and-death-feedback-changes?oldschool=1

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