OSRS Troll Stronghold Quest

Also, experience of a good deal of players indicates that magic is much more successful against Dad in comparison to scope. The prison is the point where the trolls shop their prisoners, including Mad Eadgar and Dunstan’s son, Godric. Learn more about OSRS Runecrafting Guide here. They are guarded by two sleeping trolls, Berry and Twig.
Pick the route down the stairs, past the Burntmeat’s Kitchen and also into the very north end of the Stronghold. Utilize the prison key to unlock the door and climb down until you reach the prison. Travel west and south until you run around Twig and Berry — just two sleeping prison guards. They’re sleeping, but they are still high on level, so be cautious. In case your Thieving is at level 30, you can pickpocket both and obtain Cell key 1 and Cell key 2.

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Tell him you’ll go until the Troll Stronghold to rescue Godric.
Start this quest by talking with Denulth in Burthorpe, situated East of the Warriors’ Guild in the tent. Tell him that you will help him out and find Godric. After talking to Denulth, follow the path north-west, then moving south-west when you reach the wounded soldier, and reach Tenzing’s house. Tenzing sells climbing boots for 12 coins each in case you don’t have them. Climb over the stile behind the house to begin the journey up the mountain.
Troll Stronghold osrs quest
Odd Mushroom will attempt to convince Mother to accept My Arm to the tribe and have Snowflake marry him, but Mother remains put in his ways, claiming that she needs to marry a proper troll like Don’t Know What. Finally, there’s gonna be a plan devised to let My Arm impress Mother by faking the killing of the Wise Old Man. Now go to My Arm, that is by his herb patch, take the stairs south of Burntmeat, and climb the ladder on the wall north of Kob.
Go wherever the path takes you until you Encounter some stones to the north. That can be when you can finally put you expensive scaling boots , as only with them you climb over those stones. Afterwards, search for route to the east and then enter the stadium. Take a notice that before reaching the stadium, you will need to climb rocks several times. The roof, or mountaintop, is the maximum level of the Stronghold, also is included in the My Arm’s Big Adventure quest.

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