osrs pking guide

Complete OSRS PKing Guide

The player who killed you will receive the complete refund value on top of the other loot collected from your body. Untradeable objects will now stay on the floor after dying for five minutes.Also, putting the spec weapon within the stock space-proven beneath means that there is less motion needed and therefore a cleaner particular attack activation. Unless you protect your cape, it will mechanically be despatched to the refund box on dying.

So we want new individuals to strive PKing, so right here’s a cheat sheet on some mechanics you should be aware of. Pkers prey on people who don’t find out about these items. You also don’t have to bring at all times a full stock of sharks.

PKing In OSRS: What You Need To Know

  1. Mostly, you won’t see pure mage in higher up levels, so I advise you to go PKing in a group ~ and never tackle a Rune Pure 1v1.
  2. You won’t hit him a lot (Unless you’re mage)
  3. They’ll outlast you every time when you’re a Strength or Range Pure. I wouldn’t recommend getting prayer, as it eats up the fight.

My opinion is totally different than others, but Pure Mages are BEAST in low stage pking. They will demolish Str pures with a steel scimmy or a Mith scimmy. Mage pking is finest in teams, they’re good at 1v1 additionally, but most helpful in teams for their big spikes. A a lot faster method would be using Varrock teleport to train Mage. Now you’ll prepare magic until 25 mage, then get the runes for Varrock teleport, and then just teleport until your required stage.

Combat Whip Pure

The finest way to kill them is by using Melee ~ Using a Scimmy like OSRS pures. Also, vary is alright at an honest proper against them as nicely. A magic stage of 94 is quite perfect as it allows using Vengeance spell. Prior to becoming a spread tank, zerkers were by far my favorite construct. Eventually, I got bored of not having the ability to solo boss and started over on a spread tank – and have never looked back. If you want to pk at low levels, do not choose this construct.

Use this when your opponent is on low well being, to deal extra injury than usual.

The Shadow sword is an untradeable item obtained from the superior fight rack within the fight room in your player-owned residence.

Now prepare Range until sixty five using the methods used within the “Pure Ranger” section.

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