Grotesque Guardian Changes and Monkey Backpacks

Grotesque Guardian Changes

The lightning transition phase when Dawn flies away during the Grotesque Guardians fight has been removed, and Dusk will become attackable as soon as Dawn begins to fly. The transition when she flies back will still play.

Additionally, the Guardians will no longer be invulnerable during their transition periods.

Both Dawn and Dusk will now reach their places faster during the transition for the lightning phase, shaving off a few precious seconds. The phase itself is shorter, although it has the same amount of lightning – so get ready to move!

Monkey Backpacks

Now, onto some monkey business: you can now transform your Monkey backpack into new variants!

After you’ve completed Monkey Madness 2, a simian named Bobawu outside the Ape Atoll Agility course will start tracking the number of laps you’ve completed. The more you work out, the more transformations you’ll unlock for your Monkey friend.

Here’s a list of the transformations and how many laps you’ll need to unlock them:

  • Karamja: 100 laps
  • Zombie: 250 laps
  • Maniacal: 500 laps
  • Skeleton: 1000 laps
  • Kruk Jr: 1500 laps
  • Prince: 2000 laps

Bear in mind that the counter will only begin from today’s update. Any laps you’ve already completed will not count towards your total.

And a special shout-out goes to Reddit user rururupert, who came up with this fine suggestion. Good work!


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