Game Update: Yaks, Patches and Community News!

How’s it going, Yak Trackers? If you’d be so kind as to step out of the Zarosian shadows and into the blinding light of day temporarily, we’ve got a few updates about all that’s happening in RuneScape this week – so get your diaries out and prepare to take notes!

Yak to The Shadows

We’re on week two of the event already, and we’re already seeing some of you strutting your stuff about town in your fancy Third Age duds. If you haven’t got cracking (yakking?) on Moorrissey’s tasks yet, there’s plenty of time to work your way up the tiers and earn some fabulous rewards of your own.

Yak to the Shadows ends on August 2nd, so why not log in and get started today?

Patch Notes

Here’s a wee sample of the tweaks and fixes going on behind the scenes in Gielinor this week:When completely filling an empty divine charge using the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum, excess energy will now flow into the next empty divine charge, instead of being wasted.Players using an uncharged Divine-O-Matic Vacuum with an active Divine Conversion relic power will now receive the correct amount of energy when converting memories at an energy rift.Players no longer require Level 75 Ranged to unlock the Mechanised Chinchompa blueprint, as this requirement is not necessary to produce the item.

For more of this week’s changes and fixes, check out the main Patch Notes post!

Server Maintenance

Every so often, we need to dust off the ol’ servers and give them a bit of spit and polish. Not literally, obviously. No seriously, do not spit in your PC. Or Mac. Or in the ports of your smartphone. Or on your Switch. No spitting on electrical equipment in general. In fact, just no spitting at all, ideally. And wear a mask.

Where were we? Ah yes – this week we’ll be migrating certain worlds to new hardware.

For 30 minutes after today’s update launches, some worlds will be down for maintenance. We’ll let you know when they’re back up again, so keep an eye out for the announcement on our social media.

Chat Filter Improvements

We’re happy to announce that our Chat Filter improvements went live as planned last week. This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve your in-game experience and tackle toxicity. Manners maketh man or woman. We’ll be keeping an eye on it and responding to your feedback as time goes on.

Twitch Prime

There’s just one week left to grab your free Premium Currency Pack from our friends at Twitch Prime! This month’s reward includes 400 RuneCoins, 20 Treasure Hunter Keys and 80 Hearts of Ice.

Live Streams

Tuesday July 7th | 16:00 Game Time | RuneScape Update

This week we’ll be joined by key members of the team as we reveal the next major content update for RuneScape!

Thursday July 9th | 16:00 Game Time | Stutorial #7 with Mod Stu & Mod Poerkie

The next episode in our startlingly popular Stutorial series is streaming live this Thursday! Join Mods Stu and Poerkie on their time-travelling tutorial adventures, where they’ll share exclusive behind-the-scenes stories from RuneScape’s murky past.

Monday July 6th | 17:30 Game Time | Featured Streamer – Maikeru

Our featured streamer this week is the incomparable Maikeru, who’ll be sleuthing his way through some master clues in an attempt to win something nice. Maybe he’ll snag Orlando Smith’s hat to go with all that Archaeology XP?

Forum Spotlight

In this week’s Forum Spotlight, we’d like to draw your attention to this amazing Goebie painting by Gisell! Just look at that sweet little froggy face.


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